Double Edge Safety Razors

The best, manliest, and many environment friendly choice for the face is most likely to not shave whatsoever, however for individuals people who aren’t prepared to invest in the Grizzly Adams look (or individuals whose spouses or female friends aren’t so keen on the concept), we have to discover the manliest method to shave. Personally, I have been in search of the easiest method to shave for a long time. Don’t cause me to feel add in my guy card, but I have thought it was hard to shave without irritating my skin. The good thing is I have found a shaving way in which will not irritate my skin and it is environment friendly, affordable, and natural. It involves a edge, a bowl, along with a brush. You will not need to buy aerosol cans of oil-based shaving cream, plastic electric razors that you simply keep tossing out, or overpriced multi-edge shavers any longer. Stick to the simple instructions below to find the best shave–it is the way males were shaving for a long time prior to the most recent marketing schemes:

Double Edge Safety Razors

You will need: A Double Edge Safety Razors, these are constructed with stainless, and you will never need to change it. You’ll just switch the single, incredibly sharp edge (and you may buy a couple of years supply for just $10) a shaving bowl or normal size bowl that matches a cake of round cleaning soap a cake of round shaving cleaning soap, I suggest Mr. Beardsley’s Shaving Cleaning soap as well as other natural cleaning soap a shaving brush, along with a pre-shave oil.

1) Have a hot shower and lightly scrub the face. The new-steam is essential for any good shave – it opens the pores and softens the beard. An effective shave needs time to work. Without having time for you to have a shower, you do not have time for you to shave! Another alternative (though less good) would be to clean the face with hot-water after which let a warm towel relaxation in your face for a few minutes.

2) Lightly rub a pre-shave oil on your face. You will find oils made specifically for shaving, but you may also use pure almond oil (adding some tea tree oil produces a pleasant blend). The oil moistens the beard and skin and enables the razor to slip lightly over the face. (This task is optional. Personally, i prefer shaving with no pre-shave oil.)

3) Splash warm water in your face, then make use of a shave brush and some warm water to lather in the cleaning soap inside your shave bowl. Use the lather for your face in circular motions.

4) You will find a number of things to bear in mind when you begin to apply your razor. To begin with, shave very lightly, letting the load from the razor do the majority of the work. The aim isn’t to get rid of the beard in a single stroke, but to take down beard with several passes from the edge (since there’s just one edge, it will not irritate the skin). Next, it’s crucial that you pay careful focus on the different directions your beard develops in your neck and face and also to shave using the grain. After much of your beard is taken away but you just desire a closer shave, you are able to test out lightly passing the razor over the direction of the beard. Finally, make use of your razor in the cheapest position possible. Normally, this is about 30 levels. Find this position by placing the shaver perpendicularly on the skin, then gradually lower it until it’ll shave your beard.

5) Constantly rinse your razor with warm water while shaving. In case your skin begins to obtain awesome, you can put a warm clean cloth on the skin for any couple of seconds to assist re-open your pores.

6) Indication: Spend Some Time. You’re going to get faster with more experience.

7) After finished shaving, rinse the face with cold water. You should use an astringent if preferred, in addition to a natural product/oil to re-moisturize the skin.

A couple of extra tips: Store your shave brush on its side or bristle lower to help keep water from harmful the bristles or handle. Coat your shaver together with your pre-shave oil after each shave to avoid oxidation and also to keep your edge sharper longer. I personally use tea tree oil, also is antibacterial.

This routine has labored miracles for me personally, and it is much more affordable than using all of the latest shaving devices. Relax, reflect, and relish the process. The integrity, moisture, and health of the epidermis can also be highly determined by your diet plan. Make sure to eat lots of veggies, berries, and omega-3’s daily. Happy shaving!

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